OPPO Reno2: Your Perfect Companion for Every Music Concert


OPPO Reno2: Your Perfect Companion for Every Music Concert

Illustration: Arati Gujar

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything,” said the Athenian philosopher Plato, back when music involved just one man pulling on a string.

These days, the saying is experienced in more millennial ways — dating apps now give us the option of adding our favourite songs to our profiles, just so we can gauge the personality of another human being (and decide whether we want to be with someone who likes Rebecca Black). We bond over playlists and our mutual love for certain genres (who doesn’t love Punjabi music, amirite?!). We speak to people from across the world on social media because we adore the same bands (BTS Army, I’m looking at you), and we make new friends at concerts because we still haven’t found what we’re looking for. As new music keeps releasing, it all seems almost like an endless adventure.

And there are few better places to live out this adventure than at a music concert — the atmosphere is electric, and the sense of anticipation we feel before seeing our favourite artists, is unmatched. This is not to mention all that dancing and swaying is bound to help burn a few calories. Music concerts are an experience of a lifetime, we walk in our usual shy selves and leave with stories to tell for years (mostly about the guy who got wasted and lost his wallet).

Unfortunately, until a few decades ago, we didn’t have a way to document these special nights that we can all look back and laugh at — like when we were sporting the trademark MS Dhoni haircut in the early 2000s, or wearing torn jeans as a fashion statement to Sonu Nigam concerts. Imagine if you met The Beatles in India in the 60s, but had to way of proving it with a picture. No one would ever believe you.

But then came the smartphone.

This device has become an integral part of our lives — and of course has transformed the concert-going experience. Who doesn’t want crystal clear shots of their favourite artists from a distance? Who doesn’t want to take a killer selfie with their artist that they can later post on Instagram (and make their buddies envious)? Who doesn’t want to dance with the crowd, and also shoot videos that aren’t blurry or shaky? Who doesn’t want a picture with all their friends who they can taunt years later when they make excuses for the Ladakh trip. And most importantly, who doesn’t want to capture the moments you’re bound to witness only a handful of times in your life?

The video Bokeh Mode in the OPPO Reno2, meanwhile, lets you lock your focus on the artist while recording, so your clip doesn’t look like a wedding video.

The smartphone has incredibly enhanced our ability to document these experiences. That is, provided you have the right device. So, even if you somehow end up battling heavy evening traffic, only to get a place near the gate of the concert venue, the OPPO Reno2 has you covered on that end. With its crazy 20x Zoom feature, you’ll thank your stars for getting to enjoy the best view of the concert, minus the crowd trying to step on your toes.

If you’re looking to take phenomenal stills at night, you no longer have to deal with grainy pictures in which you can’t tell the difference between a human and a pole. Thanks to the OPPO Reno2’s Ultra-dark mode, possibly one of the best in this regard. Meanwhile, with its large storage capacity, you’ll never be in a situation where you’re left saying dumb stuff like “Memory nahi hai” while all your friends are waiting to take a selfie with Badshah. 

The video Bokeh Mode in the OPPO Reno2, meanwhile, lets you lock your focus on the artist while recording, so your clip doesn’t look like a wedding video, where the focus shifts between the bride and groom and the kid who is eating flowers off the floor. Plus, you can now increase your social currency and be the guy who has all the photos and videos from the concert, rather than being the guy who has to beg your friends for it for months because your phone camera sucked more than a CCTV camera.

Now as everyone gears up for the Straight Up Punjab Music Festival, featuring the likes of Badshah, Neha Kakkar, Raftaar, Sukhbir and more, and the crazy end of the year parties start putting out posters, make sure you have your own OPPO Reno2 to capture every moment. After all, very few things in life are as worse than saying “Yaar, battery khatam ho gayi” when you get the chance to click a picture with Neha Kakkar and Sukhbir! So as you get ready to “put your hands in the air like you just don’t care”, don’t forget the immortal words of the The Chainsmokers, “First, let me take a selfie.”