January’s Streaming Surprise! Normal People, Manhunt, Love Life and More on Lionsgate Play


January’s Streaming Surprise! Normal People, Manhunt, Love Life and More on Lionsgate Play

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

After spending all of 2020 binge-watching content while locked at home, the new year has arrived with the question of what to watch next. Rather than spend hours aimlessly scrolling through the same tired recommendations, the launch of a new streaming app, with a fresh, exciting slate of content, would freshen up the audience’s entertainment options. The demand for fresh, can’t-miss content has created its own supply. Lionsgate Play, a streaming app, features the latest international TV series across genres, offering something for nearly everyone. The best part is that a yearly subscription currently comes for just ₹ 699, making 12 months of entertainment cheaper than a single evening’s trip to the multiplex! A new ad film with Ananya Pandey and Tiger Shroff announced the arrival of exactly what was needed to make streaming great again.

The coming month of January promises to be entertaining, as six of the most anticipated shows of the year will be available to stream on-demand!

Normal People – For the Literary Drama Fans

Lionsgate Play normal people

A show that has been included in multiple “Best of 2020” lists, Normal People is a limited series that attracted serious awards buzz for its faithful adaptation of the best-selling novel with which it shares its name. At the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, Normal People was nominated in four categories, including Outstanding Lead Actor, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series.

Normal People is an adaptation of an award-winning novel by Sally Rooney, who also helped co-write the series for television.

At first glance, Normal People might appear to be a love story. But the way it follows the lives of its two romantic leads, Marianne and Connell, and the many trials that accompany growing up in a small Irish town, turns it into something much more. Actors Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal have earned glowing reviews for their performances. Normal People starts as a tale of young love, but evolves into a beautiful portrait of human relationships and the passage of time.

Manhunt: Deadly Games – For the True Crime Junkies

Lionsgate Play manhunt deadly games

As anyone who enjoys the true crime genre will tell you, the search for the next gripping docuseries is never-ending. And the satisfaction that accompanies taking a break from that search because you’ve found a show that hits the spot feels like bliss. In 2017, Manhunt: Unabomber won fans because of its recreation of the search for the deadly killer, and in 2020, the series returns with Manhunt: Deadly Games. The miniseries chronicles the true events of the hunt for the terrorists who attacked the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. If you’ve considered re-watching Mindhunter yet again, you might enjoy Manhunt: Deadly Games.

For the Eternal Romantics: Love Life

Lionsgate Play love life

Love Life features Anna Kendrick (star of films like Pitch Perfect) as an artsy New Yorker navigating the transition from her post-student 20s to full-blown adulthood in her 30s, while also learning about herself through the relationships she has along the way. Darby, the central character, has chance meetings that turn into treasured relationships, as well as connections with instant chemistry that fizzle out unexpectedly. In short, she experiences all the ups and downs of millennial dating, and her snarky, sarcastic roommates have front-row seats to the show. For fans of classic rom-coms and shows like Sex and the City, Love Life holds promise.

For the Thrill-seekers: No Man’s Land

Lionsgate Play no man's land

The Middle East is a volatile backdrop for a show, with all the political upheaval and military conflict in the region. No Man’s Land makes good use of its dramatic setting. Featuring an international cast, the show primarily focuses on the story of its French protagonist who visits Syria in a search for his missing sister. Along the way, he gets caught up with fighters from the Kurdish resistance, comes into conflict with ISIS terrorists, and meets a cast of adventurers who have come to the Middle East seeking violence. Those who’ve enjoyed thrillers like Homeland and 24 will feel right at home in the high-stakes world of No Man’s Land.

For the Jokers: The Goes Wrong Show

Lionsgate Play the show goes wrong

When you’re tired of the Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell brand of mainstream Hollywood comedy, British comedy shows can be the perfect offbeat alternative. And The Goes Wrong Show is as offbeat as they come. Originally based on a stage play by the Mischief Theatre company, The Goes Wrong Show is a comedy laugh-riot based on one of the UK’s most successful theatrical productions. It follows a fictitious theatre company as they struggle to put on ill-fated plays. Each of the six episodes has a different theme, to match the play the characters are putting on at the time, so prepare for some zany madness in settings as disparate as a period romance, a spy thriller, and a Christmas fable, to name a few. Lionsgate Play will be bringing The Goes Wrong Show to India for the first time.

Romulus – For the History Buffs

Lionsgate Play romulus

When we think of the ancient world beyond India, we often think of civilisations like Egypt, Greece, and Rome. And in Romulus, we get to look at a speculative imagining of the historical origins of Rome. With actors speaking entirely in archaic Latin, this series looks to take viewers on a time-travelling journey through history, on a trip that fans of series like Ertrugul and Vikings are sure to enjoy.

If these shows excite you, or even if you’re in the mood for blockbuster movies, they’re all streaming exclusively on LionsGate Play app available on FireTV, iOS, Android: Download now!