This August join the Jodi of Chintu and Bhaiya on an adventure like no other


This August join the Jodi of Chintu and Bhaiya on an adventure like no other

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

Chintu and Bhaiya have taken the internet world by storm. If you are wondering who they are, here is a sneak preview of one of their many adventures that has got netizens guessing what they will do next.  


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The Great Khali as the studious and adorable Chintu teams up with the extravagant and stylish Arun Kushwah, playing Bhaiya as the unlikely pair that draws both laughter and intrigue. Intrigue because both of them are up to something, something special that everyone could use. 

In a world overflowing with work-related calls and paranoid trips to the outside, where could one possibly to go to find all that has been missing for the last year and half. Well, the answer is simple, you play a game that requires nerve and skill and pays fanstastic rewards. Adda52 is bringing the world’s most valued poker tournament, World Poker Tour (WPT) to your home. And it doesn’t get any bigger than this.

World Poker Tour is one of the biggest tournaments of the world with a whopping 25 Crore prize pool. Brought to India, exclusively by Adda52 all you need to invest is Rs 499, and you stand a shot at winning prizes from a pool worth 1 crore. That should get the lip smacking and the mind working. But before you take the leap, make sure you understand that the game can only be aced, so to speak, with actual skill. So place your bet on your wit. True players as they say play and play again, till they get better at it.

One of the largest gaming events boasting a bucket load of attractive prizes the World Poker Tour, which will be held throughout the month of August, will be that ripple in the dull passage of time that life has been demanding for a long time. Other than the possibility of handsome rewards the tournament will also challenge your intelligence and skill, get you off your feet with suspense and excitement. It’s a global sporting event, where you can chase both thrill and glory. India’s most famous ‘aspirant’ and dedicated employee, Naveen Kasturia has also spoken about the importance of dreaming big despite the monotony of our everyday lives; and once in a while, actually go for it. 

Poker is the kind of game that appeals to both, the adventurer in you and the mastermind who trusts his or her ability to outthink others. This idea of mischief and wisdom, both braided into the concept of the game itself promises an exciting experience, one that will one way or the other be rewarding. 

Not for no reason is the phrase ‘poker face’ used to describe casual and friendly deceit.  You can see in the adventures of Chintu and Bhaiya that both have a real knack for it. One can only wait to see what this dynamic duo has up its sleeve until their next adventure together. 

Until then, you can take their advice and get onto Adda52, to participate in the world’s biggest poker tour to win some handsome rewards. It’s time you write your own Chintu and Bhaiya story, as they write theirs.