7 Moments From Chhalaang That Took Us Back To School PT Class


7 Moments From Chhalaang That Took Us Back To School PT Class

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

The one class almost everyone loved in school, was physical training (PT). Imagine the freedom for a bunch of schoolchildren, dealing with the utter drudgery of schoolwork. And the orchestrator of that class, the beloved PT teacher, was one of the most loved in the school for his quirky personality and unique style. Chhalaang, starring Rajkummar Rao as Montu the PT sir, is reviving those childhood memories. And we are loving it. Here are a few moments from the film that take us straight back to the corridors of school.

1. Giving the PT Class to Other Teachers

PT period was one part of the day that all children would look forward to, since it served as a refreshing break from all the lacklustre study. However, the joy would often be killed by the Math or History teacher who had to “borrow” PT class to “complete the syllabus”. Children would all be sulking when the PT teacher happily gave his class away without a second thought, a moment aptly captured in the Chhalaang trailer when Montu says “arre le lo le lo… mauj karo”.

2. PT Teacher – Our Sporting Hero

PT teachers usually tend to have a solid sporting background, having represented the state volleyball team or made it to the athletics national team. Even though years have passed by, they still seem nostalgic about their time there and how they aced it. When they want to demonstrate some of those skills during class, at times it leads to hilarious moments. In the Chhalaang trailer, Montu criticises a student’s batting technique and takes the bat from him to demonstrate. Instead, he himself gets bowled but congratulates the bowler saying “very good bowling, achha sikhaya maine.” We all remember a PT teacher who’s done that, don’t we?

3. PT Teachers Are Casual AF

While teachers of other traditional subjects carry around all kinds of books to prepare for their classes and are usually found looking as if they’re done with life, PT teachers have a chill attitude towards their subject. “Stand in line, do this, do that, here’s a ball – go play,” that’s how they roll. Zero complications. The casual attitude is aptly reflected when Montu’s mom tries to wake him up for school, but he wants to grab those extra five minutes of sleep so he coyly replies, “bachchon ke future ki chinta hai isliye khel khud mein unka time waste nahi karta main”.

4. PT Sir Ko Ma’am Pe Crush Hai

What’s school life without linking the PT sir to the English teacher? We’ve all seen it in school, the PT sir starts blushing, starts speaking in more English than usual in an attempt to impress her, and goes out of his way to help that teacher. The cute moment is beautifully captured in the Chhalaang trailer, where Montu is shouting at a kid but immediately goes soft the moment the computer teacher pardons the child. Watching Montu sir trying to fit in to impress the computer teacher takes everyone back to their school days!

5. PT Teachers Mein Competition

While PT teachers are happy and chill, they pay close attention to other PT teachers. They keep track of what exercises they make students perform, and what kind of games they let them play. The competition is very visible in school, where PT teachers are often compared by students on a scale of who is more “fun”, or “let’s them play whatever they want”. PT teachers don’t enjoy their territory being challenged, and it is aptly visible when Singh sir joins the school and Montu has to play second fiddle as an “assistant”, something he doesn’t appreciate one bit.

6. PT Teacher Se Panga Mat Lo

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from school, it is that one should never mess with the PT sir. Usually humorous and outgoing, they can also be stern when needed and will fiercely defend themselves when challenged. PT teachers are people with a lot of pride and do not take well to humiliation. When Montu says “naukri pyaari hai, par ijjat thodi jyada pyaari hai,” we all felt that.

7. PT Teachers Always Show Up When Needed The Most

If there’s one memory most of us have from sport in school, it is that PT teachers always brought their A-game when it came to inter-school competitions. They would give deep insights and train students for various events, an avatar one never got to see during normal school lectures. One gets a glimpse of it when Montu is training his “team” to take on Singh sir’s team, and the casual attitude is replaced by stern inspiration.

Watch Chhalaang to take a trip down memory lane and live those nostalgic moments from PT class in school.

Chhalaang streams on Amazon Prime Video from November 13.