• Love All: Why We Need a Pride Heart Emoji

    Like hieroglyphics and cave drawings, the popularity of the emoji is a testament to how much we love to speak in cute little pictures. But like every language, even emoji needs an update – let’s start with the Pride heart emoji.

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  • Dear Men’s Grooming Brands, When Will the Macho Ad Guy Finally Man Up?

    There’s no way any woman on earth would respond well to the boorish, juvenile guys in most men’s grooming ads. So why do shampoo commercials and shaving cream ads insist on shoving the trope of the tiresome manchild down our throats?

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  • Skoda Riddhi Dogra And Askok Dogra - Skoda Tribe

    We caught up with popular actor, Riddhi Dogra and her dad, Ashok Dogra to chat about what gets them ticking about each other and how they agree to disagree when it comes to all the big decisions in their life #SKODATribe

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  • What the Tinder Maze Gets Right About Adulting

    In focusing on the pressure to settle and reach the destination, there’s something we end up overlooking: The beauty of the journey. A new Tinder ad reminds us of the lessons we could learn if we let the maze of life direct us.

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  • flamenco How to Get Your Fizz Back

    Guess what we just found out? Fizz Day is on December 8. It’s the day when you could show your fizz to the world by styling some unique looks. We jumped on the bandwagon. Why don’t you?

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