#DitchtheLehenga: This Desi Bride’s Pantsuit is Straight Up #Goals


#DitchtheLehenga: This Desi Bride’s Pantsuit is Straight Up #Goals

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

Let’s be real. Every time we think of a Big Fat Indian Wedding, we picture a very Bollywood-esque one. It’s larger than life, Instagram-worthy, colourful with the bridal attire weighing at least 10 kilos. Such is the legacy of the lehengas and sarees that have been passed down from generation to generation. But one desi bride is resetting the “beauty comes at a (heavy) price” narrative as she walks down the aisle in her pantsuit.

Yep, you read that right!

Desi bride Sanjana Rishi added a spin to the traditional bridal look with her pale-blue vintage pantsuit, and honestly, this is straight up #Goals!

Right from her Amristari mangtika paired with the delicately embroidered veil patta to the pale blue Gianfranco Ferré pantsuit giving a sneak peek at her beaded juttis, Sanjana has dished out the perfect jugalbandi we can only dream about. To the bride, however, it’s more than just a wedding outfit. Sanjana’s styling on her big day is a representation of her Indian-American bi-culture that seamlessly weaves her experiences of East Meets West.

Fashion is after all a form of self-expression and Sanjana Rishi truly stands by it. “The only thing a look must fit (other than your body) is your personality!” she wrote in her Instagram post.

The intimate nature of the wedding, owing to the lockdown, was a plus. “It took a lot of pressure off,” Sanjana said. With only 11 guests in attendance, Sanjana could be herself and dress however she wanted. It wasn’t about making a bold fashion statement, really. Sanjana wore just what she liked and ended up with a look that we all desire.

What makes the bridal outfit even more valuable than what meets the eye is the fact that Sanjana didn’t particularly go out of her way to ensemble the look, adding a touch of sentiment to her attire while at it. The corset, the bride points out, was borrowed from her best friend’s mother. She admittedly did get a little frantic and experimental the night before the wedding, as she hand dyed the bustier with coffee. Beating the wedding jitters in style indeed! Her earrings are a sneaky pick from her sister’s collection. Even when most of her dear ones couldn’t be there physically in attendance, Sanjana made sure to keep them close. There’s room for some ethical upscaling too, as local artisans put together Sanjana’s wedding jewellery… all in four days! Mind = blown!

“I wanted to choose a wedding outfit that encapsulated my style but also stayed true to my commitment to supporting sustainability, local artisans and ethical shopping,” Sanjana mentions in her post. “I think I did great!” Koi shak?