“Never Seen Anything Like this After July 26”: Terrifying Videos of Landside, Submerged Streets in Mumbai


“Never Seen Anything Like this After July 26”: Terrifying Videos of Landside, Submerged Streets in Mumbai

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

Every monsoon in Mumbai begins with a BMC assurance that it is adequately prepared for the rains. That we won’t see potholes on roads or vast areas of flooding, that public transport won’t be shut. And then those five hours of torrential rains arrive. Railways are shut, buses have broken down on a flooded street, water has entered people’s homes, traffic has come to a standstill.

Once again, the rains are wreaking havoc in Mumbai. The city has been witnessing heavy showers for the last 12 hours. Local trains have stopped operations and all offices except emergency services will stay closed. While the coronavirus lockdown has forced many people to stay indoors, those that have ventured out had to battle overflowing drains and submerged streets.

Terrifying videos and visuals have flooded our timelines. There was a massive landslide on the Western Express Highway near Kandivali. It has slowed down vehicular movement on one side of the highway.

What looked like a nala for years has finally lived up to its name. Presenting, the Dahisar river.

Even if one chooses to stay in, there’s no escaping the Mumbai rains.

Is it a road? Is it a lake?

In Sion, people had to wade through waist-deep water in what has now become a monsoon routine.

For many, it brought back memories of that dreaded deluge on July 26, 2005.

The heavy winds accompanying rains created quite the uproar.

Some managed to channel their inner Instagram photographer to capture mesmerising visuals of the Mumbai skyline.

Not all news has been grim though. The Tulsi lake in Sanjay Gandhi National Park has been overflowing since last night, and it is a sight to behold!

But for those out on the roads, it’s just another year and another day of monsoon mayhem.

Rains are likely to increase over Mumbai and its suburbs in the afternoon, with extremely heavy rainfall expected for the next two days. Brace yourselves, Mumbaikars.