Real Hero of Swachh Bharat: Chandra Kishore Patil Stops People From Polluting the Godavari


Real Hero of Swachh Bharat: Chandra Kishore Patil Stops People From Polluting the Godavari

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

Pollution has been a cause of concern in the country for as long as one can remember. While it is indeed the government’s duty to enforce laws and regulations to curb this evil, the goal can only be achieved when each individual citizen is also responsible. And Chandra Kishore Patil from Indiranagar, Nashik is the perfect example of leading by example.

Water bodies, especially during festive seasons, see a deluge of plastic waste, turning them filthier each passing year. When Patil noticed people thoughtlessly disposing of their waste in the river Godavari, he decided to take a stand. For five years now, he has been guarding the Godavari by stopping people from dumping their garbage into the river.

Patil’s efforts came to the limelight after being spotted by IFS officer Swetha Boddu, who tweeted about him on Saturday. “I saw this man stand on this road the entire day with a whistle in hand to stop people from throwing Dussehra ‘holy waste’ in plastic bags into the Godavari, Nashik,” tweeted Boddu along with photos of Patil standing next to a large number of plastic bags.

Patil, who lives in a society near the river, noticed the water body being turned into a dumping space as people around the area continued to throw their waste into the river after the festivities. Someone had to put an end to this filthy act, and Patil was ready to be that someone. “I’ve been doing this every year for five years now. And will continue doing this until my health permits,” Patil told the Hindustan Times. The municipality then collects the accumulated waste and takes it to a separate dump yard.

From morning to 11 pm, Patil stands by the river with a whistle to alert people and stops them from throwing garbage in the river. And it’s not an easy task. “Many behave rudely with me, but I still persuade them not to do such things,” Patil added. When people refuse to comply at first, Patil simply fills a bottle with the river water and asks them to take a sip from it. As expected, people refuse to do so. It’s just one of Patil’s simple tricks to bring awareness to severe water pollution.

Boddu’s post has caught the attention of netizens, and people can’t stop lauding Patil for his noble efforts. Many even recognise him as a hero for the environment.

One user even called Patil “The real hero of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.”

“Lets adopt it as a habit ,each one of us,” one netizen suggested. And we wholeheartedly agree!

It surely takes one person to change the world.