BREAKING! VHP Bros Prevent Mental Christianity!


BREAKING! VHP Bros Prevent Mental Christianity!


ast Thursday, foremost investigative journalists, Weedward & Bongstein attended a music festival in Bhopal (it is difficult to reveal where your investigations will lead you.) As they stood around awkwardly listening to music, the party was invaded by four VHP members who shouted slogans and glared at the women present at the show. The slogans included: “Abki Baar Sitar Sarkar”, “Make India Bharat Again”, and “Hip, Hip, Mandir Banayenge”.

The four men, dressed in saffron khadi jackets were clearly agitated by the “rampant use of guitars” on stage. “Woh dekh, guitar wala Christian,” one yelled, falling over a surprised dancing girl. “Pakad usko,” he continued, as the crowd began to go wild.