New Dept to Keep Bad Jokes in Check


New Dept to Keep Bad Jokes in Check

Illustration: Namaah/ Arré


ours after a controversy broke out over a comedian’s alleged “bad jokes”, Arré’s investigative team was tipped off about the formation of a new department under the aegis of the Information & Broadcasting Ministry called the Department of Offensive Broadcasting (DOOB). DOOB’s top agenda is to put together a manual called the Journal of Information of Nationalist Thought, or JOINT, intended to educate people on how not to “aggrieve, anger, antagonise, annoy, disturb, disgust, disturb, defame, decry, denigrate, exasperate, gall, horrify, hurt, irritate, outrage, offend, provoke, rile, shock, or upset the sentiments of others, through any form of communication – written, oral, enacted, sung, dramatised, televised or performed”.

Through JOINT, DOOB aims to specifically address comedians, actors, directors, authors, motivational speakers, writers, journalists, RJs, VJs, DJs, news anchors, sports commentators, YouTubers, Facebook commentators, and anybody else who has anything to say about anyone.