“Leave the Country” is Our Copyright: Bhakts tell US


“Leave the Country” is Our Copyright: Bhakts tell US

In an explosive discovery that could shape the landscape of our immediate political future, Weedward & Bongstein have found out that residents of the United States have been infringing the copyright of Modi bhakts.

The world’s foremost journalists made this discovery after minutes of investigating on social media site Facebook. According to one report, a US-based judge is in the firing line for asking all Americans who don’t accept Donald Trump as president to leave America forever.

The Consortium of Shaping Bhakt Ideology, or COSBI, immediately stepped in, claiming that making people leave the country for not supporting the incumbent was their intellectual property. An official statement from the consortium said that they were aware of the situation and finding ways of dealing with it in a legal manner.

“Modi is the best PM in the world,” it predictably started. “We know the prime minister will fight for our rights. That is why we are going to push the COSBI Bill for tabling in Parliament. (Please do not confuse this for Bill Cosby. That is not what we stand for.)”

“I was actually the first person who asked Indians who disliked our prime minister to go to Pakistan,” one bhakt, who had painted his face entirely orange, told W&B. “It is already a known fact that Americans are eating our mothers. We will now take them to court,” he added, spilling some gomutra on the table in anger.

The world’s foremost investigative journalists first noticed the similarities between the Trans-Western Americans for Trump, or TWAT, and the bhakt group COSBI, when Donald Trump first made the pledge to Make America Great Again.

“What Donald Trump has done is regurgitate Modi’s promise of Make in India in different words,” a spokesperson for COSBI told W&B while getting “Bhkt4Lyf” tattooed on his forehead. “Let’s see how many toilets he can make,” he added, laughing at his own joke.

The COSBI also caught on to Trump’s promise to create more jobs and drew parallels with a similar promise made by our PM. “It’s absolutely astonishing that the Trump campaign would steal ideas from us so blatantly. Is he going to create hundreds of fake accounts on Twitter and troll everyone who disagrees with him next,” a member of COSBI’s legal team asked W&B, while frantically chasing his cow around a field. W&B did not have the heart to tell him that he was a shitty lawyer and that the Twitter trolling had already started.

At this point, W&B realised that geography made no difference and that it would eventually dawn upon the Indian and American bhakts that they were brothers sans borders.