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  • duplex Can Google Duplex Help Me with My Break Up?

    When I heard of Google Duplex, I went into overdrive thinking of all the things I’d never have to do again if Duplex could stay on the down-low. Customer care executives, an

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  • Bitcoin In the Battle for Bitcoin, Cats Are the Winners

    If you’re tired of the cryptobros and their constant stream of cryptocrap, there’s an innovative solution to this mess. It hinges on the single most disruptive force on ea

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  • Lohri How to Have a Lit AF Lohri Party

    Don’t be fooled by the wannabe Lohri parties all across the city. To arrive at the correct Lohri destination, take a U-turn from “patola”, follow “gabroo” to stay on

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  • Take a Train to Pakistan, Edward Snowden

    Who is Snowden to comment on the Aadhaar card expose in the Tribune except a former NSA contractor who put his livelihood and well-being on the line to expose how governments

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  • 2018 What to Look Forward to in 2018

    So much happened during the last year, that 2018 promises to keep it interesting. The election circus will start, Virat Kohli will be accused of being “distracted” by his

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