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  • momochallenge Momo Challenge: The Deadly Sequel to The Blue Whale Challenge

    The government has issued an advisory warning against the Momo challenge, the spinoff of the Blue Whale Challenge. A number of suicides have been linked to the dreaded suicide

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  • Deep Inside the Dark Web

    Discovering the deep web is like finding Narnia. It's 500 times larger than the normal surface web, and cannot be accessed by standard search engines. So what does it contain?

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  • 50 Shades Of The Blue Whale Challenge

    Hundreds of teenagers, including a young boy from Andheri East, have reportedly died after taking the dreaded "Blue Whale Challenge". The chilling rules of the game that were

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  • Goldeneye Will Make You Cry

    If you thought WannaCry was bad, you'll hate Goldeneye. It's the return of the ransomwares! Hide your comp, hide your phone.

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