Rekha and the Evolution of the Holi Look


Rekha and the Evolution of the Holi Look

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


itting at a café yesterday, I overheard a couple of girls talking about the upcoming Holi weekend. There was much discussion on who is going where and with whom, but there was also talk of a strange thing called the “Holi Look”.

Once upon a time getting ready for Holi meant oiling yourself up from head to toe like a pehelwan before wearing whatever clothes were next in line to become pochas. And it felt like a battle too; with an arsenal full of lead-tainted powder colours and water balloons that could give you dysentery. The object of Holi was to hit people in the eyes with colour, to win a water-gun war against the other kids in the compound, or to be dyed pink for a solid week and earn some serious street cred. Back in those days, if someone asked you what your Holi look was going to be this year, you would have told them to stop snorting gulaal and go easy on the bhaang. But today, Holi, like brunch, is apparently an occasion you dress up for.