Today in Real-Life Horror: Vishakhapatnam Man Bludgeons His Son to Death Over Property Dispute


Today in Real-Life Horror: Vishakhapatnam Man Bludgeons His Son to Death Over Property Dispute

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

A property dispute that turned ugly was captured on a home CCTV camera in the coastal city of Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. In the shocking video, a man walks up behind his unsuspecting son and bludgeons him several times with what appears to be a hammer.

The gruesome clip hit news channels, accompanied by warnings against the graphic nature of its contents. The victim was a 40-year-old seaman named G Jalaraju, and the assailant, his father, was a retired seaman named G Veeraraju. After committing the brutal murder, Veeraraju went to a police station and surrendered himself. A case of murder was lodged against him and he was placed in custody.

The murder took place at the family’s home in Satyanagar, Vishakhapatnam, on Wednesday. The inciting incident for Veeraraju murdering his son was a property dispute, according to police officers who spoke to the media. “Veeraraju killed his son Jalaraju after a heated argument took place between them over a property dispute. Veeraraju attacked his son with a hammer and murdered him on the spot,” a Vishakhapatnam West police officer told ANI.

The CCTV footage obtained by news channels shows the assault plainly – Veeraraju hammers Jalaraju in the head while the latter’s back was turned, and continues to land blows until the victim lies bleeding on the floor. Jalaraju was taken to a hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

The father and son had reportedly had a disagreement over the inheritance of property among the son and his siblings. Jalaraju, who worked in the merchant navy, had only returned home from his posting on a ship a week prior to the altercation. Unfortunately, he lost his life while back at home.


The grisly CCTV clip, coupled with Veeraraju’s surrender to the police, has made this murder an open-and-shut case.