Money Heist, Covid-19 Edition: Satara Gold Robbers Were Also “Responsible” Citizens for Wearing PPE While Stealing


Money Heist, Covid-19 Edition: Satara Gold Robbers Were Also “Responsible” Citizens for Wearing PPE While Stealing

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

“Modern problems require modern solutions,” is a popular meme template inspired from a Dave Chappelle comedy sketch. Robbers in Maharashtra’s Satara seemed to have taken a page out of this book. They stole 780 gms of gold from a jewelry shop wearing PPE kits.

The incident took place in the Phaltan area of the district three days ago. According to the police, the owner said that they broke through the wall to enter. CCTV footage from inside the store shows them stealing jewelry from showcases and cupboards. The footage shows them wearing caps, masks, plastic jackets and hand gloves.

A case was filed at the Phaltan police station after the owner lodged a complaint.

Indian social media has been buzzing with conversation around Money Heist after its latest season just dropped on Netflix. Some claim Ayushmann Khurrana could be the perfect Professor, others say Rajkumar Rao could be the ultimate mastermind. But if you ask us, these desi robbers from Satara have won the contest hands down.

PPE kits are the perfect disguise since no one can be identified, even if captured in CCTV footage. They are the coronavirus version of the Dali masks worn in Money Heist. PPE kits do not leave any prints or physical evidence. And in these times, they are also a measure of society. Since you’re already committing one crime, why also risk it with a virus that could lead to death? One crisis at a time, please.

Jokes aside, crime has gone up in the past few months with the economy shut and money prospects for people looking grim. In a separate incident in Kolhapur, a man who had come to buy a new ring in exchange for an old one fled with the diamond ring, which was said to be worth ₹61,000. Even on social media, people reporting crimes like robbery in their houses and neighbourhood have become commonplace.

While citizens are under lockdown, it seems like criminals are having a field day.