London-Returned Doctor Conned, Buys ₹2.5 Crore “Aladdin Ka Chirag”. The Joke Writes Itself


London-Returned Doctor Conned, Buys ₹2.5 Crore “Aladdin Ka Chirag”. The Joke Writes Itself

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Everyone has done stupid things in life that they look back upon and are embarrassed by. But did you ever get conned into buying a ₹2.5 crore Aladdin ka Chirag? Probably not. That rare distinction lies with a London-returned doctor in Meerut, who got defrauded by two “tantriks” that a “genie” would magically fulfil all his wishes. And yes, he spent ₹2.5 crore on it (in this economy).

The incident took place in the Khairnagar area under Brahmpuri police station of Meerut city. The doctor, identified as Laeek Khan approached the police against the cheats. According to Navbharat Times, police have arrested the two accused and recovered the “magical lamp”. The “genie”, like the creator of the Aarogya Setu app, is nowhere to be found.

In 2018, a patient named Sameena came in contact with Dr Khan. The doctor was frequently visiting her home for dressing, following her surgery. Dr Khan claims to have met a tantrik named Islamuddin at the lady’s house. Pulling a leaf out of every tantrik play ever, Islamuddin made tall claims about his magical powers and promised to make the doctor a billionaire.

The tantrik, along with his friend, promised the doctor “Aladdin ka Chirag”. According to Dr Khan, the two accused often made him see the “djinn” appearing from the chirag. Too bad this wasn’t Delhi, else no one could’ve seen anything except smog and the whole thing would’ve been busted before it could begin.

Whenever the doctor asked the two if he could take the chirag to his home, they scared him by saying that it would do bad things to him if he touched the lamp. That sounds like a real red flag but clearly Dr Khan was way past identifying alarm bells at this point. Later, the doctor realised that the “djinn” was none other than Islamuddin, the husband of his patient Sameena. A good old family skit.

The doctor said the accused cheated him of ₹2.5 crore in total for selling him the Aladdin ka Chirag. He paid the entire money in installments. Dr Khan later approached Meerut Superintendent of Police (SSP) in this regard and sought his help for the arrest of the accused. Brahampuri Circle Officer (CO) Amit Rai said they have arrested two men, Islamuddin and his friend Anees, for alleged fraud. The police are also making efforts to nab the woman.

Social media had a field day with this news story, obviously. Many were simply astonished that someone had ₹2.5 crore to spare, and of all things, he would spend it on a lamp. How about property? A Merc? Perhaps an online course that imparts some common sense?

One person’s tragedy is another person’s comedy.

“2014 mein pure desh ko ye Chirag becha gaya tha bhai,” pointed out a user on social media.

On days when one feels down about their life, we must think about Dr Laeek Khan, and feel good about ourselves. Sure, we pushed a door that says pull or lost some money in the stock market, but at least we never spent ₹2.5 crore on an Aladdin ka Chirag. Hey genie, give Dr Khan some common sense!