India’s Dr Horror: He Killed Truck Drivers, Cabbies, Then Lost Count After 50 Murders


India’s Dr Horror: He Killed Truck Drivers, Cabbies, Then Lost Count After 50 Murders

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

A piece of news that wasn’t really on the media’s radar in the past few months, but should have been, was that a convicted serial killer had skipped parole and been at large among the public since January this year. Luckily, 62-year-old Devender Sharma was arrested in Baprola, on the outskirts of Delhi, this week by police on Tuesday. Law enforcement finally caught up with Sharma after he jumped parole while serving a life sentence at Central Jail in Jaipur for a long list of crimes, which include his possible involvement in over 100 murder cases, a kidney smuggling racket, and running a fake gas agency, according to police.

Sharma, who is also an ayurvedic doctor, had been in jail since 2004, serving out a life sentence. He was found guilty and convicted of seven murders, though police have claimed that he admitted to involvement in many more, and that he lost count after committing 50 murders. Hailing from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, he committed many of these murders with accomplices while living in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and operating a clinic. These were committed in pursuit of a gas agency scam he was running, where delivery drivers of trucks carrying gas containers would be murdered and their goods unloaded at Sharma’s fake gas agency. He also made money by murdering taxi drivers and selling off their vehicles.

Sharma’s associates would dump the bodies in a canal full of crocodiles to get rid of the evidence.

Along with the gas agency scam and the homicides, Sharma was also arrested earlier for involvement in a kidney smuggling racket spread across several states. Many cases have been filed against Sharma in the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

Sharma ran his clinic in Jaipur at the same time as running his murderous gas agency scam. He received his Bachelor degree in Bihar, before starting up his Jaipur clinic in 1984. As early as 1994, he was already involved in the kidney smuggling operation, and by 1995, he had started a fake gas agency in Aligarh. When he was arrested in 2004, his wife and children left him after learning about his criminal activities. After 16 years in jail, Sharma was out on a 20-day parole in January, which he violated, going on the run from law enforcement. After his arrest, Delhi Police said he would be handed over to their counterparts in Jaipur.

Sharma’s criminal career appears to have been put on hold once again, and this time, hopefully for good.