Watching These Indian Doctors Dancing to “Happy” is the Shot of Joy You Need


Watching These Indian Doctors Dancing to “Happy” is the Shot of Joy You Need

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

While the unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak has forced the nation into a lockdown, doctors and other health personnel stand at the frontlines in the war against the pandemic. Not only are the medical professionals working day and night to care for and nurture the patients back to health, but are also going above and beyond to lift the spirits of those of us confined to our homes to curb the spread of the deadly infection.

In a video shared by the Instagram handle @theministryofmemories, 60 Indian doctors can be seen grooving to the beats of Pharrell Williams’ sensational song “Happy”. The 4 minutes 32 seconds video promoted as the “Song of Hope” features young doctors dropping some pretty great dance moves in a joint effort “to bring some sunshine and raise awareness towards mental health.”

With smiles on their faces, the young doctors put out the trendiest steps out there. Catch the doctor from Nagpur slide across with a smooth moonwalk. And Miss Kanyakumri who got her dancing boots on. Or the duo from Anand who slay the “Oh Na Na Na” moves better than TikTok (and follow it up with everyone’s favourite – the Macarena!)

The dancing doctors are a reminder that everything will be okay, even if things are grim right now.

“We are working tirelessly round the clock to save your lives, to ensure the country’s physical well being… And we are here to remind you to look after your mental well being too… For the hope of a brighter morning propels us further,” the video reads across the initial snippets.

Conceptualised by Dr Pooja Nadkarni Singh, Dr Sheetal Sawankar and Dr Unnati Mamtora, the video, originally posted on Instagram, instantly grabbed the attention of the users and has since then been widely shared across other social platforms. Terming it an anthem, people are lauding these doctors for their dancing skills and for spurring on positivity in the community.

One Instagram user calls the video both “uplifting and warm” and understands that spending the whole day geared up can be exhausting.


And the love keeps pouring in, as another user calls the video “a clap for humanity”.


People are full of praise for the doctors and their moving enthusiasm.


While the number of cases continue to rise and the lockdown seems likely to extend, stories of hope and positivity and efforts of health officials restore our faith in a better future.