TN Cops Dumping Lockdown Violators in a Van with a “Corona Patient” is Hilarious… But Also Cruel


TN Cops Dumping Lockdown Violators in a Van with a “Corona Patient” is Hilarious… But Also Cruel

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

Ever since the nationwide lockdown has been in force, police officers in our country have been coming up with newer, more innovative ways to punish violators. And it’s safe to say that some have been kinder than others.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen everything, from forcing violators to do sit-ups to oath-taking ceremonies. But nothing prepared us for this video from Tamil Nadu that was doing the rounds on social media on Friday.

In the viral video, apparently created by the Tiruppur police to create awareness, a few officers are seen taking violators to task by putting them in an ambulance with a “coronavirus infected” patient, leading to some terrified reactions.

Chennai, India. Police pull a prank on citizens not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing. from r/JusticeServed

Of course, no officers would risk infecting more people with the coronavirus, and all the violators featured in the video are clearly actors. As proof that it isn’t real, the video ends with a note from the cops, stressing on the importance of staying indoors, and wearing masks when it’s absolutely necessary to leave home.

Still, not everyone was pleased with the manner in which the coronavirus patient was depicted in the video…

Over in Maharashtra, meanwhile, which is currently the most-infected state in the country, the police have come up with another novel way to embarrass lockdown violators. A video apparently shot in Thane district, shows officers rounding up residents who were strolling on the streets and performing aartis of them.

In the viral clip, the police also go on to explain the consequences of stepping out of their houses, unless it’s to purchase essentials.

Earlier police officers in states across the country — from Uttar Pradesh to Karnataka — have been asking violators to hold up signs apologising for leaving their homes and risking infecting others.

Images of this form of punishment have been seen in Mangalore…

In Odisha…

As well as several parts of north India…

In Rishikesh, three foreign nationals who were caught violating lockdown, were apparently made to write “I’m sorry” 500 times on a piece of paper before they were sent back indoors.

So even as the country stares at another 10 days of lockdown at least, it’s clear that the police are using this time to explore their creativity to the fullest. Even if their solutions are sometimes absolutely terrifying…