That Gumnaam Ghost on the Balcony Clearly Won #9baje9minute


That Gumnaam Ghost on the Balcony Clearly Won #9baje9minute

Illustration: Aishwarya Nayak

Stay-at-home events in India have a life of their own. Just the way the #5baje5minute “thaali bajao” event on Janata Curfew, prior to the nationwide 21-day lockdown, which witnessed people taking their (uncalled for) enthusiasm to the streets, last night’s #9baje9minute was no different – despite PM Modi’s exhortation to strictly stay indoors.

Still, some folks tried to innovate as best as they could.

What’s better than a ghost who self-quarantines? A ghost who self-quarantines with the right soundtrack to mark their presence. And Lata Mangeshkar’s “Gumnaam Hai Koi”? A classic!

In the above clip, a person is walking back and forth on their balcony with a long white sheet draped over themselves. Their phone is presumably the only source of light in what might look like a less eerie version of Aahat. A no-budget Halloween costume, anyone? This person clearly won #9baje9minute.

However, another person somewhere in the country decided to live the best of both worlds and harness the power of light AND thaali banging at the same time to ward off the evil virus. An intellectual spotted.

Bollywood lives in the heart of India, and every crisis calls for a hero. But not all heroes wear capes. Some tend to borrow Big B’s “lit fit” from Yaraana’s “Saara Zamana” and emerge the #OOTN winner.

This man clearly confused #9baje9minute for India’s Got Talent at the price of his burnt beard. This is why you don’t play with fire, kids.

But jokes aside, one citizen made the most of the opportunity and used the event to ask a pressing question: Where are the PPEs for the health personnel?

“@narendramodi as requested..,” user hashtagg_fahad wrote in his Instagram post, “burnt all the candles I could get during the lock down.. hope you get the message from all the doctors at front line.”

Amid the dying flicker, a true ray of hope.