Stay Inside for Big Poppa, the Crestfallen Bulldog Who Misses His Human Kiddie Pals


Stay Inside for Big Poppa, the Crestfallen Bulldog Who Misses His Human Kiddie Pals

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Quarantine life is tough. We’ve made the now notorious dalgona coffee, tried that fitness challenge, ’grammed every other trend since day one but the lockdown hasn’t been easy to live by. At least we’re lucky enough to have a strong WiFi connection and all these distractions. But little Big Poppa? Not so much, and it’s breaking hearts across the internet.

On Wednesday, Atlanta-based costume designer Rashida Ellis posted a picture of her bulldog seated on the balcony and looking absolutely crestfallen. Seeing the pup feeling down because he misses “playing with the kids in the building” led to an outpouring of love for the 3.5-year-old English bulldog on Twitter.

It seems like Pop is having a hard time adjusting to the isolated lifestyle like the rest of us, and if you didn’t already detest the world you have a bigger reason now.

Ellis understands why her pup is having a difficult time. Like many of his kind, Pop is little a social being. And while he loves receiving pets from actors when Ellis takes him on sets, “He loves children and then other dogs and then adults,” she told Buzzfeed News. “In that order.”

Ellis, who has been keeping herself busy by making clothes at home to sell online, noticed Pop seated on the patio acting mopey as he stared down at some kids playing below. “He kept making noises to get their attention, but we’re six stories up and they can’t hear him,” she said. “I was like, Oh my god, he’s really sad.”

According to Ellis, Pop’s favorite thing to do in regular times is to play with kids. “The sad thing is we have to social-distance even him,” she adds. When she shared the picture of a sad Pop on Twitter, it immediately went viral and “Big Poppa” soon became a top trending topic in the US.

Game of Thrones favourite Maisie Williams was just about ready to lay down her life for this pupper.

And she wasn’t the only one.

Can corona go away already? Big Poppa wants to play! #priorities

And remember, if you break quarantine you’re only further hurting little Pop.

As comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres suggests, “Stay inside. Flatten this curve. Do it for Big Poppa.”

Even the host for all the good boys worldwide, WeRateDogs stands in solidarity with Big Poppa in these ruff times.

Big Poppa’s Instagram suggests that the little pup was a globetrotter before travels were grounded to aid social distancing measures.

Now the quarantine has Pop adjusting to the yoga life instead.

We hope that Big Poppa receives all the virtual belly rubs until he is reunited with his favourite little hoomans.