Start Your Weekend on a +Ve Note: Meet the Muslim Woman Who Sanitises Temples, Gurudwaras


Start Your Weekend on a +Ve Note: Meet the Muslim Woman Who Sanitises Temples, Gurudwaras

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

This has been one of the most difficult weeks of the entire nationwide lockdown since it began. Depressing news has emerged from all parts of the country (death of soldiers and gas leaks), with the country’s migrant labourers being the unfortunate subjects of most of it, and their predicament seems bleak at the moment. However, there are still good Samaritans out there, whose acts of kindness and empathy remind us that we can make it through this difficult time together.

Earlier this week, in Jodhpur, the police department slipped into the role of midwives, when they helped a pregnant woman, whose car had broken down, give birth on the street, before arranging for the safe transfer of both mother and child to a nearby hospital.

The police constables who were present at the site where the car broke down, called for medical personnel, but eventually had to help with the birth themselves, as the woman went into labour before help could arrive. Later, Jodhpur’s Deputy Commissioner of Police Priti Chandra, was there to oversee the mother and newborn’s transfer to the medical facility.

This act of compassion and vigilance has earned the Jodhpur Police praise on social media, with people tagging the city’s police commissioner in posts appreciating the good work of the constables.

Meanwhile, in Delhi, news emerged today of a 32-year-old woman named Imrana Saifi who has taken on the responsibility of sanitising the premises of all the religious buildings in her neighbourhood, including all mosques, gurudwaras, and temples.

Saifi was given the sanitiser tank by the local Residents’ Welfare Association, and has taken up the task of becoming a corona warrior and serving her neighbours. “I want to uphold the secular culture of India. I want to send a message that we are all one and we will stay together,” said Saifi to NDTV.

The image of Saifi providing her service to the Hindu temples as a burqa-clad Muslim woman is a positive one from a city that only a few months ago witnessed deadly communal clashes. It’s a counterpoint to the communalisation of the coronavirus that has become commonplace in discourse.

Most importantly, much like the alert constables of the Jodhpur Police, it’s a piece of good news when we need it the most.