Sonu Sood Has Helped So Many, That a Couple Named Their Son After Him. Is Marvel Listening?


Sonu Sood Has Helped So Many, That a Couple Named Their Son After Him. Is Marvel Listening?

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

Sonu Sood may play a villain on screen but there’s little doubt that he’s been a hero off it. From donating PPE kits to doctors in Punjab, opening his Mumbai hotel for medical staff, feeding hungry people and helping thousands of migrants get back home, the Bollywood star has been relentless in his relief efforts and has left no stone unturned.

After arranging buses for hundreds and starting a helpline for those who had been left out, Sonu Sood has now made another heroic leap, airlifting 177 young women who had been stuck during the lockdown in Kerala. These women had been doing stitching and embroidery work at a local factory and had nowhere to go soon after the factory was closed. If Marvel is listening, we have an application for a new superhero.

A couple, who were touched by the timely help provided by Sood, expressed their gratitude by naming their child “Sonu Sood Shrivastava”. In an interview with Anupama Chopra, the actor revealed that a migrant woman named her newborn son after him, for helping the pregnant woman reach her village during the lockdown. Sood said he was surprised and touched by the fact that the family had also chosen to keep his surname as the child’s middle name. On Twitter, the actor described it as “ye mera sabse bada award”.

Like many of his peers in the industry, Sonu Sood could have done the easier thing by donating money and letting the authorities take care of it. But he has been out there in flesh and blood, taking permissions from state governments, coordinating with travel companies, arranging for food and gathering migrants in batches to see them off. “Chalo tumhe ghar chhod doon” has become his mission during the lockdown, as he’s helped over 2,000 get back home.

Sonu Sood has made lakhs of new fans and  received praise from all quarters, whether ordinary Indians, colleagues in Bollywood or friends in Government, like Union Minister Smriti Irani. He humbly replies to the thousands of people flooding his mentions with messages like “bas duaaein saath rakhna”.

Titles of “Hero”, “Messiah” and references to the popular meme “Devmanush nikla re” are only apt for a man, who has individually done as much as Sood has. While Bollywood can only launch stars, a crisis usually helps launch and discover a true hero.