“Sivamani” vs “Lady in Blue”: Who Will Win the Contest of Covidiots?


“Sivamani” vs “Lady in Blue”: Who Will Win the Contest of Covidiots?

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

Yesterday, the entire nation observed Janata Curfew following PM Modi’s live-streamed appeal to citizens to voluntarily stay indoors to check the spread of Coronavirus. And the country collectively happened to experience its surroundings like never before.

The sky was a peaceful blue, birds were heard chirping, the sea was calm and serene, the grass seemed greener… the world better. It was all pretty miraculous until the ominous 5 pm was seconds away, when Modi had requested people to stand in their balconies or windows, and clap or clank their bartans for five minutes straight to express their gratitude toward the healthcare professionals at the frontlines of Covid-19. And so, the evening unfolded to the sounds of bartans and belans clanking around societies with much zest, while others said social distancing be damned as they took to the streets in groups.

Like this group of people spotted in Gujarat who realise that every hour is garba hour if you believe enough. Pandemic can wait, the community celebration cannot.

In close competition are these excited young men, who took taali o’clock as an opportunity to ward off the evil virus and also slip in some extra practise for dahi handi. India is the land of opportunists truly.

Or this very enthusiastic lady in blue out in public, who single-handedly made Janata Curfew a success. As the legend says, “Go corona! Corona go!”

But possibly nothing made thousands of desi children feel represented like this passionate child, who channelled his inner percussionist during thali bajao only to be dragged away by an adult. This one hits close to the bone. It is where all our garage band dreams met their end.

Accompanying lil Sivamani in his pain, is this child who was all smiles and vibing to the beats until Dadi likely noticed her missing utensils. You really have to be careful of the fights you pick these days.

To keep everyone’s spirit soaring through, user @iRupND banked on all our emotions and put up an animal video. He wrote, “This is a miracle, god listens to honest persons, even animals participated #JanataCurfew @narendramodi”. Nevermind that the video is an old one and has nothing to do with the curfew itself. After all, it’s retweets that count, right?

The real winner to emerge from thali bajao, however, is this Bahubali Dadi who took matters into her own hands. Be amazed by her power and grit – this is a tactic that can be mastered only with years of experience. Bonus, she also managed to make others keep a distance from her.