Only in UP! Man Shot at For Coughing During a Ludo Game


Only in UP! Man Shot at For Coughing During a Ludo Game

The fact that the deadly coronavirus spreads through human contact has left almost all the world’s population on high alert. In the age of coronavirus, even a single cough can spark panic.

This week, that fear manifested in none other than Greater Noida, a place that’s not usually known for the camaraderie between locals. A man was shot at by a friend for reportedly coughing during a game of Ludo at a temple in Dayanagar village, proving that guns are more common than sense in some parts of the country.

The argument broke out between the two men, while one, a man named Prashant, was playing Ludo with three other people. His coughing apparently angered another man, Jai Veer (or as some reports call him, Gullu), who had just walked in. Gullu accused Prashant of trying to “spread the disease to the village”, according to police reports.

The argument escalated to the point where Gullu felt compelled to pull out a pistol and shoot Prashant, who had to be rushed to a hospital. Prashant survived the wounds, but the police are still on the lookout for Gullu, who fled after firing the bullet.

An FIR has been filed for attempt to murder against Gullu. Both men are said to be farmers from the village, which falls in Noida, where there are 27 identified coronavirus hotspots.

As we enter what should hopefully be our last couple of weeks under lockdown, one thing seems to be getting clearer by the day: Coronavirus can’t kill the UPwallah in you.