Moderna Vaccine Might Work on Covid-19. Finally, the Headline the World’s Been Waiting For


Moderna Vaccine Might Work on Covid-19. Finally, the Headline the World’s Been Waiting For

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Over the last couple of months, as countries across the world struggle to deal with the deadly coronavirus pandemic, scientists and researchers have been working overtime to find a vaccine and cure for Covid-19.

On Monday, researchers from a United States biotech company finally gave the world the headline that it’s been waiting for with bated breath — an experimental vaccine produced in the “Moderna Inc” laboratory has shown signs that it can create an immune-system response to fend off the coronavirus.

The study was carried out to test the safety of the vaccine, and was injected in eight people, who took part in the trials that started in March. Overall, it showed that the vaccine was safe and all participants produced antibodies against the virus.

“This is a very good sign that we can make an antibody that can stop the virus from replicating,” the organisation’s CEO, Stephane Bancel, told reporters. “The data is very exciting”.

Moderna Inc is one of the eight developers worldwide carrying out human clinical trials for a vaccine against the coronavirus. Soon after the announcement, the company’s shares surged 26 per cent in trading before the market opened in New York, making a few early investors very rich…

Despite all the hype, however, some doctors have warned against being too optimistic over the news. They point out that this data comes from just the first of several trials, and that the eight individuals tested is too small a number to make any conclusive claims.

Still Moderna Inc has now received permission from the US Food and Drug Administration to start phase 2 trials, which is likely to involve hundreds of people. It is also planning to hold large-scale clinical trials — or a phase 3 — some time in July.

Considering that a vaccine against Covid-19 is now looking like the only real step we can take towards lifting global social distancing measures, as well as safely opening up public spaces, all eyes will be firmly peeled for the results.