Malad Principal Uses 4.5 Lakh From Savings to Feed Migrants. That’s What We Call a Corona Heroine


Malad Principal Uses 4.5 Lakh From Savings to Feed Migrants. That’s What We Call a Corona Heroine

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially students, many of whom have been unable to afford basic meals for the last few months, let alone access to laptops and internet connections required to continue classes from home. One couple, from Mumbai’s Malad, is determined to do their part to change this.

After receiving complaints from several students, Migza Sheikh, who is the principal of a local school, which she runs along with husband Faiz, has waived off the fees for three months of the lockdown period, reports said.

The couple has also handed out enough food to feed over 1,500 people in the area. To afford this philanthropy, they used Rs 4.5 lakh from their savings. Faiz told reporters that he had to withdraw his provident fund savings to manage their finances.

Ten years ago, the Malad couple had started the Zeal English Medium, a report said, students of which come from the neighbouring Ambujwadi slum.

“Most people who stay here are migrant and daily wage workers. Looking at their condition, we got in touch with some NGOs and started distributing khichdi but soon felt that it wasn’t enough,” Migza told the Hindustan Times. “We did not want to keep money in our bank and see people struggling for food so we started using our savings.”

According to IndiaTimes, however, the Malad couple didn’t just provide free food and waive off school fees. A rickshawallah said that when he fractured his hand, the couple helped him get medical assistance as well. A woman who lives nearby, and works as a domestic help, also praised the couple for helping her out when she couldn’t find work.

The couple’s benevolence soon became a talking point on Twitter, even catching the attention of billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra, who said it would be his privilege to compensate them for their financial loss.

With the lockdown continuing with no end in sight, the generosity displayed by some citizens has been enough to earn them the title of “corona warrior”. Today, the Malad couple will join the illustrious ranks.