Love is a Casualty of Covid-19. Just Ask the Kerala Couple Caught By the Police Via Drones


Love is a Casualty of Covid-19. Just Ask the Kerala Couple Caught By the Police Via Drones

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

Love can conquer everything, but clearly not a dedicated police force during a pandemic-induced lockdown.

While living in quarantine and maintaining social distance has turned our lives around, it has slowly but surely come to mean the “new normal”. But the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes that includes sneaking out of the house to have a romantic getaway with your lover. All Covid-19 safety guidelines be damned.

But where the police can’t be, it’s likely that their drone will.

In an effort to intensify and tighten their surveillance, the Thiruvallur district police has resorted to using drone cameras to aid with the task at hand. One unlucky couple seemed to have missed out the memo.

Spotted in a forest area near Gummidipoondi in Thiruvallur district on April 24, the couple who were seated under a tree in blissful ignorance were quick to hide their faces on spotting the drone. With the woman’s face covered with a dupatta and the man putting on his helmet, they hurriedly fled on the bike. However, the drone was able to capture the number plate.

“We have noted the bike’s registration number,” a Thiruvallur district police official confirmed. “We will track down the errant couple and take legal action on them.”

But the internet is clearly here for the gags.

Please say sike!

With the coronavirus cases rising across the country, it’s of utmost importance that the general public abides by law and order to ensure that the health personnel, police officials and other essential workers can carry out their work with ease. Following the law right now is probably the best declaration of love to your loved ones.