Lockdown Won’t Do Us Part! Mumbai Groom, Delhi Bride Tie the Knot on Zoom


Lockdown Won’t Do Us Part! Mumbai Groom, Delhi Bride Tie the Knot on Zoom

Illustration: Shruti Yatam & Reynold Mascarenhas

You don’t have to test positive for COVID-19 for its globe-spanning effects to change your life. While large gatherings like the Olympics in Tokyo and the IPL in India have been postponed or cancelled, even more private affairs have had to bear the brunt of the pandemic – just ask anybody who has had to celebrate their birthday in quarantine.

Weddings of course have been thrown into disarray by the outbreak. Well, not all of them. In a headline that is more 2020 than any other this year, a groom from Mumbai and a bride from Delhi decided to go ahead with their wedding, albeit with a twist – the entire ceremony was conducted over Zoom, the popular video-calling app. Guests included the couple’s relatives from Canada and Australia joined the party.

Naturally, this bizarre iteration of modern love was made for the internet, and the story has gone viral.

But this is India, which means begani shaadi mein Twitter dewana.

Yet another Twitter user was worried about the honeymoon.

And there was someone who was so impressed with the way the video-calling app had served its function for the public part of the ceremony, he also suggested using it for more *ahem* private goings on as well.

Given how the coronavirus has played fast and loose with so many people’s personal plans, this good fellow was quick to jump on a smart idea and suggested it to a friend who was presumably facing the same predicament of planning a function in the midst of a lockdown.

This is the smartest wedding of the season. It has also given every introvert who hates attending family functions the option of saying “Can I join via Zoom?” and for that, this couple will become cult heroes. Preet Singh and Neet Kaur, may you have a happy marriage!