India Reports First Victim of Cow Urine! Man Falls Ill After Drinking Gaumutra to Fight Coronavirus


India Reports First Victim of Cow Urine! Man Falls Ill After Drinking Gaumutra to Fight Coronavirus

Illustration: Aishwarya Nayak

You can trust India to come up with its own solutions to a global pandemic, and nearly every one of them will involve some form of cow urine. The Hindu Mahasabha hosted a gaumutra party recently, in flagrant violation of the advice to practice social distancing to combat Covid-19, and an ISKCON temple in Mumbai sprayed visitors with gaumutra sanitiser. The WHO will die on the hill advising regular 20-second hand-washes, social media can be abuzz with scientifically-backed PSAs that say people should avoid crowded rooms, but Indians will turn to gaumutra – even if it leads to police action.

Following a cow urine consumption event gone wrong, BJP activist Narayan Chatterjee was arrested on Tuesday evening by the Kolkata Police. Claiming that gaumutra will protect people from coronavirus and also cure the ones infected by it, 40-year-old Chatterjee hosted the programme at a cowshed and distributed cow urine to the crowd.Of course, you can’t keep all of the people happy all of the time. Thirty-four-year-old Pintu Pramanik, a home guard personnel on duty according to The Times of India, was also offered the miraculous drink and – surprise, surprise – fell sick the next day. On Tuesday, Pramanik was admitted to a hospital after he complained of vomiting and nausea. The civic volunteer then went on to lodge a complaint against BJP’s Chatterjee, a local party worker of Jorasanko area in North Kolkata.

Desi Twitter has been in splits following the unfolding of this event.

“A man fell ill after consuming cow urine at a gaumutra party thrown by a BJP leader in West Bengal,” began Saniya Sayeed’s tweet, “Bhakt – If it makes a man so sick, imagine what it will do to Coronavirus.” The logic? Flawless.

Artist VchitraI let their illustration do the talking. Holy cow!

@Pun_Starr resorted to the old knock knock joke. 

Reacting to the arrest, BJP state unit General Secretary Sayantan Basu criticised the Trinamool Congress. “Chatterjee had distributed cow urine, but he didn’t fool people in consuming it,” he told the PTI. “When he distributed it he clearly said it was cow urine, he didn’t force anyone to drink it. It has not been proved whether it is harmful or not. So how can just police arrest him without any reason? This is completely undemocratic.”

Dilip Ghosh, who heads the state’s BJP unit, has said there is no harm in drinking cow urine and had no qualms in admitting he consumes it. However, his party colleague, MP Locket Chatterjee, has shunned the belief, terming it as “unscientific”. 

According to the Hindu Mahasaba, coronavirus is the angry avatar of a Hindu god to punish non-vegetarians, and were only further convinced when some Telangana ministers ate chicken on a public stage.