Don’t Trust Your Partners or Kids to Give You a Corona Cut… Unless You Are Anushka Sharma


Don’t Trust Your Partners or Kids to Give You a Corona Cut… Unless You Are Anushka Sharma

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Of all the unintended consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, one trend has risen above all to provide some much needed comic relief. And no, we’re not talking about binge-watching Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots Please!

Nearly a month after lockdown was imposed in most parts of the world, thousands of social media users have begun to realise that hair-dressers, who aren’t counted in the list of essential services, deserve more credit than they’re currently afforded.

As evidenced by the terrible haircuts on display over the last week, it turns out that barbers actually have some of the toughest jobs in the world. Or at least, a job that can’t be easily replicated at home.

Take for instance this man, who realised that his five-year-old child was definitely not up to the task…

Or these guys, who are probably part of the minority that’s hoping the lockdown is extended for a few more weeks…

Or this guy, who quickly realised that trimmers need to be charged before you start shaving your head…

Even celebrities, who are used to having their own team of make up staff following them around, felt the withdrawals. Country singer Blake Shelton was given a haircut by pop star girlfriend Gwen Stefani live on Jimmy Kimmel with some pretty… interesting results.

Among the horror stories, though, came a success story, in the form of Virat Kohli. The Indian captain’s Instagram post, showing off his neat shave, proves that being an excellent cricketer and swearing are but two of his biggest talents.

His haircut, courtesy actor Anushka Sharma, is even more impressive, especially when compared to some of the more tragic pictures doing the rounds.

A heartwarming (and well-produced) video posted to Reddit yesterday, meanwhile shows how getting a haircut can be a great bonding experience between father and son.

Lockdown forced us to cut our own hair 😧 from r/india

In case you can’t get enough of these videos, the internet, as usual, has you covered. Watch this YouTuber hilariously rate haircuts from his favourites to least favourite…

Or follow this Instagram page to stay up to date with the latest in haircut horror stories…

Basically the general takeaway from these pictures, much like WWE video promos, is a clear “don’t try this at home” (unless you’re Anushka Sharma, in which case go right ahead). Just another lesson learnt from the coronavirus lockdown.