Did the Disney Animation Film Tangled Predict the Coronavirus in 2010?


Did the Disney Animation Film Tangled Predict the Coronavirus in 2010?

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

The Simpsons might have to step aside for a second or two now for there seems to be a new predictor in town. While people are currently trying to accept social distancing and self-quarantine as part of their daily lives, Disney’s 2010 animation film, Tangled, happened to be way ahead of its time.

While trying to kill quarantine time with a Disney movie marathon, Buzzfeed writer Nora Dominick noticed a life-changing detail:

Tangled is a take on the legend of Rapunzel, the one with mythical long hair, who is confined to a tower. We already knew Miss Rapunzel was the social distancing queen, although not by choice, and a very selfish Mother Gothel who kept her locked in only wanted the young princess for her magical long, blond hair with healing powers. So, for the sake of the plot it only made sense that Rapunzel was abducted and confined to a tower. Except uh… the tower was away from a village named Corona.

A moment of silence for all the minds blown.

It wasn’t the fairytale we had been wishing for all our lives but here we are.

However, the optimists continue to see the best even in the worst of the coincidences.

Self-quarantine can get pretty lonely, but fear not singles, there’s still a glimmer of hope in our destiny. We got the power of Tangled and the internet on our side after all.

For those of us who still want to live our lives to the fullest while in the middle of a lockdown, but can barely hold ourselves together…

… Rapunzel, with 18 years of experience in tow, prepared a handy, tried and tested to-do list to help us in the weeks to come.

Not everyone can be expected to share the same thrill as the rest of us in this very tangled revelation though. Some people absolutely have no problem pitching two Disney princesses against each other, even when we can all collectively agree that though Elsa knows how to let it go, Rapunzel practiced social distancing way before it was cool.