“Delhi Corona”: Finally an App That Lets You Know How Many Hospital Beds Are Available


“Delhi Corona”: Finally an App That Lets You Know How Many Hospital Beds Are Available

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

In his latest public address, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched an app that will give Delhi citizens the status of hospital beds and ventilator availability in the capital.

The app is called ‘Delhi Corona’ and is described on the Play Store as an app that “plans to provide a single avenue to cater to all the needs and issues of the Delhi populace during these tough times. It contains a self-assessment tool, guidelines and important helplines to ensure well being of the users. The app also allows the user to view all COVID centers and access lockdown services like ration, e-pass and hunger/shelter relief centres.”

Explaining the need for this app, Arvind Kejriwal pointed out that there were a lot of vacant beds in Delhi but people were facing hassles finding one and they kept going from one hospital to another, failing to find a bed. He explained that there was an information gap and the Government was not able to efficiently direct people to hospitals where there was a vacancy and there was overburdening in certain hospitals, which this app is expected to take care of.

“We want to ensure that if people are infected and need hospitalisation, they don’t have to run from pillar to post to look for facilities. We have made arrangements,” he said.  According to the Corona Dashboard, the capital has 6,731 hospital beds available, with 2,819 occupied and 3,912 vacant. The number of available ventilators is 302, with 92 occupied and 210 vacant. The website has details of vacant beds and ventilators in different government and private hospitals.

If a patient reaches the hospital and a bed is refused by the staff (even though it says available on the app), they can call a helpline number 1031 to get the situation sorted out. “The special secretary will immediately speak to hospital authorities and ensure that patients get help,” he said.

The Delhi Chief Minister however urged people not to insist on hospitalisation if it is not recommended by the doctors. Pointing out the statistics, Kejriwal said that most patients are either asymptomatic or showing mild symptoms, and thus do not need to be admitted to a hospital but can be treated at home. “If the doctors tell you that you can rest at home, and continue the treatment there, please do that,” he said.

The app’s website version is available here: https://coronabeds.jantasamvad.org/ .