Covidiot Alert! WTF Was this Man Thinking Calling the Coronavirus Helpline for Samosas?


Covidiot Alert! WTF Was this Man Thinking Calling the Coronavirus Helpline for Samosas?

Illustration: Aishwarya Nayak

The coronavirus outbreak in India has left authorities with their hands full. From tracking potential cases, isolating and treating patients, and enforcing a nationwide lockdown for a country of over a billion citizens, COVID-19 has made life hard for those in charge. And sometimes, there are people who make it just a little bit harder by behaving as if this is all a joke.

One such case was seen in Uttar Pradesh’s town of Rampur. A local man kept calling the Covid-19 helpline, asking for four samosas with chutney to be sent to his house. After being told not to trivialise the emergency services, he continued to demand his samosas, which ended in cops being sent to his address and making him clean drains as a form of punishment. There were some others who reportedly called for pizzas.

Rampur’s District Magistrate also addressed the incident from his own Twitter handle.

Rather than getting served a plate of samosas, this caller was served with a piping hot dose of karmic justice.

Journalist Shiv Aroor provided this helpful timeline, to better illustrate the consequences of wasting the authorities’ time, for anyone who was possibly considering it.

Some called for the police to be even harsher on the prank caller. However, seeing the way UP police have been hosing down migrant workers with dangerous chemicals in the name of disinfection, perhaps this fellow did indeed get off lightly.

Indigestion, acidity, and food poisoning are some of the ways in which samosas can spell trouble for those who eat them, but the Rampur caller realised that being made to clean drains by the police is yet another side effect of craving the deep-fried snack.

The Rampur man is the latest to join the ever-growing ranks of covidiots in this country – a not-so-elite group of those who, through their own careless actions, are inconveniencing their fellow citizens in times of a crisis.