Bringing Nizamuddin to Nizamabad: Mother Rides 1,400km on a Scooty to Bring Her Son Back Home


Bringing Nizamuddin to Nizamabad: Mother Rides 1,400km on a Scooty to Bring Her Son Back Home

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

The coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide lockdown that followed has kept many loved ones away from their families. Parents worried about their children studying in other parts of the country, kids worried about parents who had gone for a vacation but are now stuck, couples separated because of a work project in a different city, or doctors and healthcare workers out there on duty.

Braving the stringent lockdown, a school teacher from Bodhan, Razia Begum rode 1,400 kilometers on her scooty to bring back her son who was stuck in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. A mother’s love knows no boundaries, they say.

Razia’s son Nizamuddin had gone to Nellore with a friend last month. The friend got back, but Nizamuddin couldn’t make the return journey because of the lockdown. And in came mommy to the rescue. “I had to travel along forest area roads too. I was not scared of anything. All I wanted was to get my son back,” Razia said.

The teacher had taken a permission letter from Bodhan ACP Jaipal Reddy before undertaking the journey. She was stopped at several places but managed to convince the authorities of the necessity of the journey.

The news has divided the Internet’s opinion.

Rudyard Kipling’s “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers,” was invoked by one user.

Moms are tigresses when it comes to their kids, said writer Kiran Manral.

A supermom in the next Avengers, anyone?

“Ma to ma hoti hai”

Indeed, a journey of a lifetime.


While some observed motherly love in all its glory, others questioned whether a decision of such kind should be encouraged during a lockdown.

One user invoked a personal example of how many of his colleagues are staying at hostels and PGs away from their families. If everyone’s parents were willing to travel and collect them, would the police allow it?

Some users questioned the police, and whether granting a permission to travel 1,400 kms on a scooty, where the journey would last multiple nights was wise.

While praising the valour of the mother, Sambit Patra of the BJP hinted that it might instigate many more parents to follow suit despite the lockdown, defeating its very purpose.

While the Internet debates whether it was the right thing to do or not, there is no question that the appropriate legal permission was obtained from the police before heading out. And while a mom did the best she can to get her son back, it will be for the authorities to respond, on the wisdom of the permission.