#9Baje9Minutes: We Played Garba During Thali Bajao. Now Will Indians Celebrate Diwali?


#9Baje9Minutes: We Played Garba During Thali Bajao. Now Will Indians Celebrate Diwali?

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

It was only weeks ago that the chaotic #5baje5minute Thali Bajao fiasco managed to undo the purpose of janata curfew. On March 22, people across the country left the confines of their houses to “ward off” the coronavirus pandemic with the vibrations of their thalis, dhols, and patakas, social distancing be damned. As people gathered on the street to do garba, bhangra and whatnot, doctors on the frontlines in our war against Covid-19 were appalled.

But we are not a nation which learns from its mistakes.

Day 10 of the lockdown and PM Narendra Modi has come up with yet another novel idea that is sure to attain social media virality if nothing else. In a video message from earlier this morning, Modi asked the countrymen to “give 9 minutes this Sunday at 9 pm, to erase the darkness of the corona by switching off all the lights of your house and lighting a candle, diya, or even using mobile’s flashlight for the same”. He also took the time to remind people to practise social distancing by asking them to avoid any gathering for the #9baje9minute Diya Event” and to “do it from your doorsteps and balconies”.

Déjà vu, anyone?

But before you start criticising the PM, here’s a quick “scientific explanation” of why we’ve been asked to light candles. Diyas will do what our thaalis could not.

Of course, haters gonna hate. Twitter had a gala. And minutes after the video message, the internet was flooded with memes. Speaking of galas…

#OOTN game strong.

Remember this lady in blue? Appreciate the enthusiasm but this time, please #stayhome.

And the evergreen image of a lit India that circulates every Diwali on WhatsApp University, courtesy “NASA”? Yeah, it’s set to find its way back into your gallery soon.

The only tweet that matters. P.S. Don’t try this at home.

“Expectation vs Reality”

Circuit always knows what’s up.

What are you and the gang doing this Sunday? Getting lit, of course!

If it’s not on Instagram is it even real? #Aesthetics #Candid #DiyaForCorona

We do hope that some tweets do not come back to haunt us.

Nothing quite says Quarantine and Chill like the PM’s weekly antidote of unity.