Why Cheat India Review: A Movie More Flawed than Our Education System


Why Cheat India Review: A Movie More Flawed than Our Education System

Illustration: Arati Gujar


few minutes into Why Cheat India, it’s evident that the events surrounding the film make for a far engrossing drama as well as a critique of the society than the events in the film. After a Censor Board objection to “Cheat India”, the original title of the film, the makers were forced to hurriedly alter the title, just days before the release. Its director, Soumik Sen – best known for the insipid Gulab Gang – was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women during the #MeToo reckoning in India, last year and yet remained unscathed by the allegations.

Displaying the most minimal amount of spine, the producers of the film merely disallowed Sen from promoting Why Cheat India, even as the film’s lead and producer Emraan Hashmi defended him, calling the sexual harassment allegations a case of “trial by Twitter”. Hashmi further implied that women shouldn’t be able to decide what constitutes sexual misconduct, because clearly, it’s impossible to digest that women can be the best judge of a violation that they have experienced. It’s also worthy to note that the actor didn’t make any effort to reach out to the women who outed Sen as a predator, in his capacity as a producer – even after filmmaker Anubhav Sinha, who produced Gulab Gang, verified an accusation against the director.