Get Ready to Tune in to #Virushka Baby Content. Streaming Soon at an Indian News Channel Near You


Get Ready to Tune in to #Virushka Baby Content. Streaming Soon at an Indian News Channel Near You

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

When Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma announced to the world on August 27 that they were expecting their first baby together, the Indian media must have been as happy, if not more, than the power couple’s closest family members. A celebrity baby is, for outlets that cover this sort of thing (which is everyone), a guaranteed ratings grab, and thus something to be celebrated.

At the time of writing, just a few hours after the announcement, #Virushka is swiftly climbing Twitter trends and currently sitting pretty at number two. Everyone from news publications to stand-up comedians to Virushka stans seem to be eager to spread the news, until the expected baby is omnipresent. It will not be surprising if it becomes the top trend before the day is out.

The Indian media has what some might call an unhealthy obsession with celeb babies, and their worst tendencies have been on display throughout Taimur Ali Khan’s infancy and childhood. The son of actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, Taimur has had paparazzi running after him before he even knew how to walk. News anchors have stooped to looking crestfallen after learning he was “on the potty” and couldn’t appear on their show.

Unfortunately for these anchors, Taimur is presumably potty-trained by now and will soon reach an age where obsessing over his cuteness will no longer be viable. They’ll then have to wait a few years before he is launched in a Dharma production before they can once again try and squeeze ratings out of him. But now, Virushka’s baby is on the way, and this strangest beat in entertainment – the celeb baby beat – has been injected with new life. The jokes have been coming thick and fast on the internet about how the Indian media is going to have a fit of excitement in covering a brand new celeb baby.

Virushka’s baby is not going to be alone in the eye of the media storm. Taimur also has a sibling on the way, as Kareena Kapoor Khan announced her second pregnancy earlier this month. At least this infant will have their older brother as a benchmark for how weird the media’s obsession with famous children is.

It speaks volumes about the state of Indian media that for many, this baby-centric coverage will be preferable to the toxicity and yellow journalism that pervades the airwaves today.