Sushant Wasn’t Murdered, But Rhea Chakraborty’s Character Was Assassinated. Who’s Responsible for That?


Sushant Wasn’t Murdered, But Rhea Chakraborty’s Character Was Assassinated. Who’s Responsible for That?

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

Months after Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death, there has been an incessant campaign to prove that he was murdered, with a number of allegations hurled at his girlfriend, actor Rhea Chakraborty, and the presence of a “Bollywood mafia”. All this speculation, however, seems to have finally been put to rest on Saturday, when a forensic team from AIIMS — which was tasked with looking into the actor’s autopsy report by the CBI — ruled out foul play, and asserted that Singh had, in fact, taken his own life.

“There were no injuries over the body other than hanging. There were no marks of struggle/scuffle in the body and clothes of the deceased,” Dr Sudhir Gupta told India Today. Besides this, Gupta agreed with the post-mortem report conducted in Mumbai’s Cooper Hospital, which said that the actor died of “asphyxia due to hanging.”

The post-mortem report had been a major point of contention in the days following Singh’s death, and had led to several claims that the Mumbai Police and the Maharashtra government were hiding key details in the case.

Dr Gupta, however, has now ruled out all theories of murder that have been floating around on the internet, and on various TV news channels. At the centre of these allegations was actor Rhea Chakraborty, who was accused of murdering Sushant Singh, and has now been arrested for being an “active member of a drug syndicate”.

All through the last few months, even as Chakraborty has had to cope with losing someone dear to her, she has been vilified by the media. This included some incredulous claims, such as she had performed “black magic” on the late actor, and that she had siphoned a large amount of money from his bank account.

Now that the CBI-mandated report has ended up reiterating what the initial post-mortem said, however, many have also been asking who will be held accountable for all the false claims and torture Chakraborty has had to deal with for the last few months.

Some have said online that the country’s leading news anchors should be held accountable and be sued for defamation. Others have added that Kangana Ranaut, too, should be answerable for all the allegations levelled by her in the last few months.

Congress leader Arun Choudhury, meanwhile, demanded that Rhea Chakraborty be let off immediately. Saying she was the victim of a “political conspiracy”, he said that the legacy of the late Sushant Singh could not be honoured by falsely implicating an innocent person. The Shiv Sena, too, has sought an apology from the BJP as well as several media channels for attempting to defame its government and police in Mumbai.

Actor Swara Bhasker, who has been vocal in her support for Chakraborty, also demanded that she should be released.

As the report now becomes public, however, chances are questions will instead be raised on the credibility of the AIIMS doctors in the coming days. And what about Chakraborty? Will anyone be held accountable for her character assassination?