Fans Love Salman Khan’s Lockdown Music Videos. The Rest of the Internet… Not So Much


Fans Love Salman Khan’s Lockdown Music Videos. The Rest of the Internet… Not So Much

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

As the lockdown in India continues to drag on endlessly, some of those who are staying at home have been driven to pursue new skills or taking up a hobby. For most of us, this would involve a single post on Instagram or signing up for some Zoom classes, but, like everything else he does, Bollywood star Salman Khan has chosen to supersize his lockdown antics by shooting full-fledged music videos, releasing his second such offering, “Tere Bina” on YouTube yesterday.

Much like his first song, which was called “Pyar Karona” and released in April, “Tere Bina” was met with the predictable flood of excitement by his fans online.

However, while it was expected that his fans would fawn over his video, those who didn’t buy into Salman’s cult of personality had differing opinions.

The above commenter was clearly miffed over spending his time watching the music video, which itself was conceptualised, directed, and shot by Salman himself. He also wrote the lyrics and “sang” the song – and those quotation marks are in place because autotune cannot officially be credited as a singer.

Kamaal R Khan, known Bollywood pot-stirrer, found Salman’s long list of credits for the video a bit troubling.

Once the video released, KRK was back with more savagery. Calling out the poor numbers on Salman’s video as compared to that of YouTuber Carry Minati, KRK fired shots at all Bollywood stars who think they can transition into social media success solely on the back of their pre-existing stardom.

While fans might appreciate Salman’s heavily autotuned ballads, not everyone feels the same excitement for them. One commenter even compared the news of “Tere Bina” releasing to being as bad the government extending the nationwide lockdown.

However, Salman has never been one to let good taste get in the way of his creativity. Soon after “Tere Bina” started getting thousands of views, he announced that he was working on a third song. So it looks like we’ll be getting more Salman Khan songs, whether we want them or not.