10 Years On, I’d Do Anything but “Rock On!!”


10 Years On, I’d Do Anything but “Rock On!!”

Illustration: Arati Gujar


n 2008, I got into a yelling match with my parents who had watched Abhishek Kapoor’s Rock On!! without me and were refusing to accompany me and watch it the second time around. I was 12 then. At the time, my only dream in life was to become the lead guitarist in a rock band. I’d been convinced that music was my calling since I’d learnt to rap “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” without panting for breath. And for my musically-inclined soul, Rock On!! was the closest I could get to the ultimate rockstar experience that was going to be my future. So I did what any self-respecting musician would do – sulk in front of my parents until they gave in.

The film that saw the acting and singing debut of Farhan Akhtar revolved around four friends who had achieved the impossible: Form a successful grunge rock band. Called “Magik”, it had Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal) on guitar, Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) on vocals, Kedar Zaveri aka Killer Drummer (Purab Kohli) on drums, and Rob Nancy (Luke Kenny) on keyboards. They were young, brash, laidback, and became popular doing what they loved. How could I not be in awe!? Their reel lives were like a dream come true for every youngster who aspired to make music with his friends.