We Like Our Heroes Useful: Randeep Hooda Assists “Extraction” of Trash From Versova Beach


We Like Our Heroes Useful: Randeep Hooda Assists “Extraction” of Trash From Versova Beach

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

The Covid-19-induced lockdown has served as a reminder that when humans stop intervening, nature gives itself the time to heal. However, three months are barely enough to undo decades of damage. Conscious efforts to save and aid the healing of the environment are the need of the hour, and Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda is not one to back away from lending a helping hand to the cause.

Over the weekend, as Mumbai experienced heavy rainfall and high tides, beaches across the city were once again left covered with plastic and waste material regurgitated by the sea. With lockdown relaxations in place, Hooda took matters into his own hands as he stepped out to volunteer for the Versova beach clean-up drive.

Taking to Instagram to share the moment with his fans, the Extraction actor described the beach as the “backyard of humanity” and pointed out its pitiful state.

Teaming up with environmentalist and lawyer Afroz Shah, Randeep Hooda, as a self-proclaimed “#Safaikarmachari” (cleaning worker), can be seen picking the litter across the beach, collecting plastic bottles and helping the BMC workers and volunteers load the man-made garbage into the truck. Amid the pandemic, Hooda also emphasised social distancing.

Afroz Shah, who was recognised as a “Champion of the Earth” in 2016 by the United Nations, revealed that the group cleaned up “4 tractor load[s] of single-use plastic litter and garbage out of the ocean”.

This isn’t the first time that Randeep Hooda has participated in the drive. In 2017, the actor volunteered to help clean up Juhu beach following the events of Ganesh Visarjan. Hooda has also teamed up with Shah in the past to help with beach clean-up drives across the city. Shah is also the man behind the world’s largest beach clean-up at Versova.

To anyone who follows the actor on social media, Randeep Hooda’s love and passion for nature and the wildlife would not come across as a surprise. The star continues to use his platform to share and educate his followers on the state of the environment and creates a space for discussion.

One user calls him a role model for the younger generation, and rightfully so.

From reel to real, a hero indeed!

Randeep Hooda Assists in Versova Beach Clean-Up

The best part? The actor is inspiring many others to take responsibility for Mother Earth.

Randeep Hooda Assists in Versova Beach Clean-Up

Redefining what a real hero looks like.