Quiz: Which Bollywood Bhai are You?


Quiz: Which Bollywood Bhai are You?

Illustration: Akshita Monga

Q1. What are your views on women’s safety?

Q2. You just found out your sister is dating your mortal enemy. What is your first instinct?

Q3. What is your preferred mode of transport to drop your sister off to college?

Q4. Your sister wants to move to Europe for her masters. Your father is poor. You need life-saving surgery for which you’ve saved some money. Remember, your life is a real KJo tearjerker. What do you do?

Q5. What do you do if you spot your sister with a boy in the market?

Q6. You come across your sister’s profile while swiping on Tinder. Your move bro.

Q7. Has your sister found her ideal partner?

Q8. What are you giving your sister this Raksha Bandhan?

Q9. Pick your ideal sister:

Q10. One a scale of one to Sallu, how much of a bhai are you?