LoveYatri Review: Where Logic Goes to Play Garba


LoveYatri Review: Where Logic Goes to Play Garba

Illustration: Ahmed Sikander


fter inflicting Race 3 on us, Salman Khan is Being Inhuman by continuing the torture, this time by launching his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma as an “actor” in Abhiraj Minawala’s LoveYatri. A film that is so unaware of its dangerously low IQ – stuck somewhere between underground and below sea level – that it believes calling its male lead “Susu” is the funniest thing in the world. It is even funnier than Sharma’s stiff face, that seems like it’s gone on a protest against itself. LoveYatri only breaks new ground everytime Sharma is on screen, because he determinedly redefines the definition of expressionless.

The plot is pedestrian: Susu, a man whose ultimate aim is to open a garba academy, spots Michelle/Manisha (Warisa Hussain aka collateral damage), a wealthy Londoner during Navratri and promptly falls in love with her. What follows is a close shot of Sharma falling on the ground with a thud. Yet for some reason, sticks and stones don’t break his soul and he can’t stop smiling. Forget the non-existent logic of this move, I’m not even sure that Sharma is in control of his own facial muscles at this point. Moreover, the film parades his lack of ambition as the greatest virtue ever, as if garba is the answer to global warming and #MeToo.