KJo, the Fairy Godmother of Every Star Child


KJo, the Fairy Godmother of Every Star Child

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


ello, it’s me. The bane of Bollywood’s existence and the opportunity-snatcher for every outsider: the proverbial star kid. Today is an auspicious day for my #squad in Bandra, for it’s the day we celebrate the existence of our guardian angel. The man who taught us that all heroes don’t wear capes – some wear Manish Malhotra suits. We know not where he comes from (Carter Road? Malabar Hill?), but he is the hero we star kids have always needed.

His name is Karan Johar. They say “johar” means jewel but for us, he’s a “johari”. In the desolate coal mines of Bandra and Juhu, he is the only one who can sniff out potential film stars based on how silver their spoons are.