Is Surekha Sikri Short of Funds for Her Treatment? Our Entertainment Industry is Truly Hellish


Is Surekha Sikri Short of Funds for Her Treatment? Our Entertainment Industry is Truly Hellish

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

The veteran actress Surekha Sikri had a health scare on the afternoon of September 8. The 75-year-old was at her residence in Mumbai when she suffered a stroke, and had to be rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Given her advanced age, as well as the fact that Sikri had suffered a stroke in 2018 as well, there were concerns about her well-being once the news broke. Sikri’s nurse, who took the actress to the hospital, told reporters yesterday that she was short on funds, and appealed to her peers in the film and television industries for help.

It came as a shock to many that as seasoned an actress as Sikri could be in dire financial straits. Sikri has enjoyed a long and fruitful career in film, television, and lately even streaming projects. She has won the National Award three times, most recently in 2018 for her performance in Badhaai Ho, as well as a Filmfare award for the same film. Sikri was also a leading member of the cast of the television serial Balika Vadhu at the time when it was the most popular show on TV. When reports of Sikri suffering a second stroke began doing the rounds, many of Sikri’s peers came forward to offer support.

Sikri’s co-star from Badhai Ho, Gajraj Rao, as well as the film’s director Amit Sharma told reporters that they were ready to extend financial help to Sikri. Today, it seems that the urgent need for funds has passed. In a Times of India report, Sikri’s nurse told journalist Vickey Lalwani, “We are okay now, we took money from Surekhaji’s fixed deposit. We don’t need help now.”

Suffering a stroke can be a debilitating setback, but Sikri has already bounced back from one in the past. Her well-wishers will be rooting for her to do the same once again.