Power Play: Electricity Bills Are So High, Even Taapsee Pannu is Complaining


Power Play: Electricity Bills Are So High, Even Taapsee Pannu is Complaining

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

The coronavirus pandemic has left large parts of the country stuck at home for three months, with no sign of slowing down.

While this has left a large number of people without employment, several residents of Mumbai are now also complaining that it has led to heavily inflated electricity bills.

A number of Mumbaikars, including familiar names like Taapsee Pannu, Dino Morea and Vir Das, have taken to Twitter over the last few days to complain about “insane” rises in their electricity bills for the month of June.

Actor c took to the social media platform to say that her bill had gone from ₹5510 in May to ₹29,700 in June.

Comedian Vir Das asked if anyone else had received electricity bills that were thrice the amount they usually pay. Going by the responses to the tweet, many Mumbaikars had…

The Editor of Filmfare magazine Jitesh Pillai also took to Twitter to ask the electricity board for an explanation.

All through the weekend, complaints poured in from consumers of MSEDCL, Tata Power and Adani Electricity, the three providers in the state.

Officials were quoted in Hindustan Times as saying that meter readings had been suspended due to the lockdown, and that consumers were now being sent bills as per the average usage of December, January and February — after adjusting for the summer and the lockdown.

An Adani spokesperson later replied to actor Taapsee Pannu’s tweet, saying, “we have verified the meter reading and found (it) to be correct.”

But the complaints continued to pour in from all quarters.

The MSEDCL, the body that looks after electricity in the state, has meanwhile, said in a statement that there were no errors in the bills, and has offered an EMI option, irking some of its customers.

With electricity bills in some cases exceeding the monthly rents of homes, it’s clear that all residents of Mumbai — from celebrities to the middle class — are going to feel the pinch. Hopefully power officials will soon step in, and make amends.