Did the Sadak 2 Boycott Spook the Makers of Laxmmi Bomb into Delaying Its Release?


Did the Sadak 2 Boycott Spook the Makers of Laxmmi Bomb into Delaying Its Release?

Illustration: Mitesh Parmar

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death brought Bollywood to a reckoning with its own culture of nepotism. The audience seems to have become antagonistic toward Bollywood’s establishment, as the boycott of Alia Bhatt-starrer Sadak 2 last month proved. Could this uproar be the reason that Akshay Kumar’s Laxmmi Bomb has delayed its upcoming OTT release?

Laxmmi Bomb was originally expected to release on streaming platforms thanks to the coronavirus pandemic keeping theatres closed. According to a few reports, the movie was to be released on 9 September, to coincide with its star Akshay Kumar’s birthday. Although Disney+ Hotstar had announced towards the end of June that Laxmmi Bomb would be released on its platform, no official release date was revealed.

Now a Pinkvilla article claims that according to a source, the movie will be further postponed for a Diwali 2020 release.

Even without an official release date, Laxmmi Bomb has found itself in the spotlight before, and not always for the best reasons. Akshay Kumar’s transgender avatar was heavily criticised for exploiting the lack of onscreen representation of the community. Now with the repeated delays in Laxmmi Bomb’s release, some are speculating they are an attempt to avoid backlash amid the public’s anti-Bollywood sentiment.

While the nepotism debate continues to rage on, another possible reason is director Raghava Lawerence’s need to reshoot some scenes for continuity purposes. “Why would Akshay fear a backlash? He is among the most loved actors of Bollywood today. Rather, the reason for delay is more on the technical front,” a source said to Bollywood Hungama.

Some excited Akshay Kumar fans thought the delay hinted at the possibility of Laxmmi Bomb skipping OTT altogether for a theatrical release…

While others weren’t too optimistic either way.

Clearly a boycott that’s meant to be, will be.

Will Laxmmi Bomb replace Sadak 2 as the latest film audiences are boycotting?

While Hindustan Times have reported that the Akshay Kumar-starrer will certainly release on an OTT platform, citing all speculations thus far as “absolutely fake stories which have no meaning”, will Laxmmi Bomb meet an explosive start?