How DeepVeer Made a Top Secret Wedding a Public Spectacle


How DeepVeer Made a Top Secret Wedding a Public Spectacle

Illustration: Arati Gujar


n case you haven’t had an internet connection and have been unable to witness the sight of a collective nation exercising their fundamental right of FOMO for the last two days, allow us to recap. National heartthrobs and joint ambassadors for Tourism Italy, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have publicly – yet secretly – married each other in the backdrop of Lake Como yesterday. Their wedding came a day after an engagement and mehndi ceremony that reportedly had Padukone dissolve in tears, Singh dance with a dhol in his hands, and the cheesiest expressions of PDA possible.

Like any other “low-key Konkani wedding”, DeepVeer’s wedding involved guests taking a boat and climbing up a hill in custom Sabyasachi while innumerable patrolling boats kept paparazzi at bay. The clincher was however, the couple’s no-picture rule: Padukone and Singh haven’t just asked their guests to not bring their cellphones to the wedding, but have also made security arrangements to cover a phone’s camera lens with stickers to hinder anyone from slyly leaking photos.